The story about one of my friends who filed his Petition, remember, you're doing an action against the Commissioner of the IRS so an IRS attorney will come in to defend the Commissioner, ...and he put his phone number on the Petition and then he lost his phone. The Tax Court had no way to contact him by phone. So he never got a call from them so we don't know if they tried to call or not. He got his motion to dismiss his IRS Lien for "Lack of Jurisdiction." So the process is good you know, you just mail your petition into the Tax Court and let it go. It will take its course. He never had to talk to anybody.

Guest One: Let me understand; so you mail your Petition in registered mail and it goes into the U.S. Tax Court, it gets a docket number; the Court has a hearing and the case gets dismissed all by itself?

That's exactly what I'm saying. Once it goes through the process, and like my friend he mailed his in ...and they might have tried to call. Or they might not have tried to call, we don't know. He keeps losing his phones. Then all of a sudden he gets a letter saying that the motion is dismissed for "lack of jurisdiction."

Then he called the clerk of the court and asked for certified copies of the judgment.

And now if the IRS sends him another tax bill he makes a copy of it, attaches a certified copy of the judgment from the Tax Court and mails it back to the sender.

Note: If you have any trouble getting the judgment that the case is dismissed what you can do is find out who the attorney is from the IRS of the tax court that was representing the IRS Commissioner in your case; and call him up and tell him he's in contempt of court. That you have a certified copy of the case being dismissed in the mail.

You're doing an action against the Commissioner of the IRS so an IRS attorney is going to be calling you and he's calling you to aski you if it's okay if he files a motion in the court for "lack of jurisdiction." You can say yes or you do not even have to answer him because eventually that's what the judge is going to do because they don't have any jurisdiction once you put in your Petition against the Commissioner.

So you just want to let it take its course. It will take care of itself it's almost like self-executing. It just kind of does his own thing. You're asking the Commissioner about jurisdiction because you never got a Notice Of Determination or Notice Of Deficiency. So you bring the Commissioner in to answer that and he doesn't want to go to court so the IRS attorney would just say "Just dismiss this case for lack of jurisdiction."

In the end you're going to get a generic letter from the clerk of courts saying that the judge ordered the motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction. Then what you want to do is get a certified copy. What you do is you get a certified copy and you file it wherever your IRS Tax Lien is filed (in your county records or your town hall) and you can always pull out a certified copy anytime it's needed it's on the record.

So anyone you're working for wants to collect taxes is pull it out and hand it to them and tell them to have a nice day.

So you can release the liens when you take the certified copy of the Judges order dismissing the case and  they have to release the liens. Once you put that order into the town hall all those liens will be released.

When you send you Petition to the Tax Court it forces the IRS to act because they cannot impeach it. So what you do is you get a hold of that attorney who filed the motion to dismiss; you'll see his name on the docket and you can tell him that you need to get a hold of such and such in your city/town and send them a release of lien on the certified copy of the order to dismiss. The attorney is going to do it otherwise he's in contempt of Court. So now you have leverage on the IRS to get rid of those liens. And if you're stuck with them still garnishing your Social Security you contact them and show them the certified copy of court order to dismiss. Or you have the attorney at the IRS contact the Social Security Administration and stop the garnishment. And he's going to do it otherwise he is in contempt.

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