You must learn to learn how to contract and to keep everything in place because once you understand how to contract and you understand that without proof of claim it becomes a deprivation of honor which is a scheme to defraud.

They are commiting bank fraud againts you when they charge the account.

It is bank fraud because the social security number is a Federal Reserve Bank and the bond is on the back of the Social Security card. That's what you have to understand they are just charging the accounts, they never have a claim, they just charge the account, like you are nothing but a credit card.

It's All About Contracts

You need to understand it's "all contract" and that way you don't need to keep correcting your status. The most important thing to recognize are the traps of their contract, and go right back into slavery.

You Contract With Them by Novation (the substitution of a new contract in place of an old one)

You do the acceptance for value, because you know they have no "proof of claim". It's commercial redemption, accepting "in honor" of the contract. You will perform upon proof of claim.

The New Contract (novation)

You make the value of the contract and any debt that is there to give twenty dollars ($20.00) for the security and one dollar ($1.00) towards the contract, and if they don't provide a proof of claim, they are in breach of my contract. That's how it works.

Whatever status people are trying to correct, that NAME is a 14th amendment citizen, it has a duty. And it's one sole duty is to not dispute the public debt obligation. So you come in there and you say all right "I accept for honor", I honor this, I am not in dispute of it but all I require now is a reciprocal contract obligation is to provide proof of claim.

Your accepting all offers; So you're not choosing any of the operatives, such as Birth Certificate Redemption and you're not denying the public debt. Which is a contractual obligation now because you gave something of consideration by acceptance so they need to give something in consideration (proof of claim) and if they can't do it because thet are in breach of their very own contract, and that is dishonor. Now it becomes a whole different ballgame.

They can never come up with a claim. The United States is in bankruptcy so if the plaintiff comes up with a claim in bankruptcy it is fraud.

So what you're saying is when you accept for value, take whatever you want to take from me upon proof of claim. When they don't come up with a claim they can't take anything, you get satisfaction of the contract. It's an impossibility for them because it's a bankrupt corporation and they can't come up with a claim.

Once we get through the illusion of everything that has been spoofed upon us for our whole lives, it boils down to accept everything that comes to you upon proof of claim because we know that they cannot provide that.


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