We have helped close to 1000 people obtain freedom from the income tax and the IRS using a very, very simple step by step method. This method is so simple just about anyone can do it!

Step 1. Start your tax case.

Step 2. Fillout petition.

Step 3. Statement of taxpayor identification.

Step 4. Request for place for trial.

Step 5. File no fee petition.

Step 6. Submit these forms to the United States Tax Court, 400 Second Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20217.

Step 7. Wait for U.S. tax attorney to call and ask to dismiss the case.

Step 8. Get a copy of the order to dismiss for "lack of jurisdiction" from the Tax Court and send them a release of lien with the certified copy of the order to dismiss to remove the lien(s) from wherever they are filed.

Note: When you send documents to the tax court it forces the IRS to act because they cannot impeach it.


We have helped over 500 people with this process!

Everything you need to release your tax lien for $250.00

Please send cash, or United States Postal Service money order (no other M.O. will be accepted) for $250.00 via USPS Priority Mail (for tracking purposes) to:

NAS Kenneth
1800 Mineral Spring Ave.
Suite 151
North Providence, RI 02904

P.S. wrap money order in aluminum foil for security purposes.


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